At the 2016 NFA and the 2016 PGI we demoed our NEW 2017 CONSUMER 200 gram and 500 gram Multi shot Cakes as well a new Roman Candle.
The response from the demos was really positive.

Below we are providing the shoot list and a link to the video (coming soon!) from the 2016 NFA demo. Plan on seeing these live at our 2017 DEMO April 6th - 8th.

1   1015 LIBERTY BELL WOW HEAD CANDLES 5 SHOT Whirling Pearls with Red Eyes, Whirling Pearls with Green Eyes, Whirling Pearls with Yellow Eyes 24/3 Video
200 GRAM (orless) CAKES
6105 LIBERTY BELL NEW DAWN 19 SHOT Parachutes with Strobing Red Flares 8/1 Video
9071 LIBERTY BELL NEW REALITY 18 SHOT Red Wave with White Glitter, Green Wave with Gold Glitter, Orange Wave with Green Glitter, White Glitter with Red Glitter, Red/Green/Blue Star with Silver Chrysanthemum 16/1 Video
4 9072 LIBERTY BELL HIGH EXPECTATIONS 20 SHOT Sky Blue and Red/Green Leaves, Blood Red with Silver Fish, Silver Whistling Tail to Blue Stars and Silver Chrys., Red/Green/Sky Blue/Yellow Stars, Red/Yellow/Purple Stars with Green Glitter 12/1 Video
9073 LIBERTY BELL DEVIL DRIVER 24 SHOT Blood Red/Yellow Star with Red Glitter, Blood Red with Sky Blue and White Glitter, Blue Stars with Silver Fish, Blood Red/Sky Blue/Purple/Yellow Star, Blood Red/Sky Blue/Green Star with White Glitter, Blood Red/Sky Blue/Green Star with Silver Chrysanthemum 16/1 Video
9074 LIBERTY BELL GOLD QUEST 25 SHOT Brocade to Red Stars, Brocade to Green Stars, Brocade to Blue Stars  16/1 Video
500 GRAM (or less) CAKES
9165 LIBERTY BELL SUPER PAC 51 SHOT Red/Sky Blue Stars with White Glitter, Silver Chrysanthemum, Yellow/Purple Stars with White Glitter, White Glitter Bouquet to White/Red Glitter, Gold Comet Tail, Silver Whistling Tail to Red Glitter and Silver Fish, Silver Whistling Tail to Blue Stars and Silver Fish, Color Stars with Gold Glitter, Brocade and Sky Blue Stars with White Glitter 3/1 Video
9166 LIBERTY BELL PYRO HEX 42 SHOT Red Tail to Brocade to Blue Stars and Red Glitter, Green Tail to Brocade to Purple Stars and Green Glitter, Blue Tails to Brocade to Blue Stars and White Glitter 4/1 Video
18 9167 LIBERTY BELL NEON DISTRICT 41 SHOT Neon Color Stars & Color Glitter, Comet Tails and Big Chrysanthemum Finale 4/1 Video
19 9169 LIBERTY BELL MUCHO MISCHIEF 30 SHOT White Glitter Bouquet to Red Wave Tail, Silver Whistling Tail to Red Glitter and Silver Chrys., Silver Whistling Tail to Blue Stars and Silver Chrys., Purple/Green/Sky Blue Stars with Gold Glitter, Color Stars with Gold Glitter, Blood Red/Sky Blue/Lemon/Green Stars and Golden Glitter 4/1 Video
9178 LIBERTY BELL EMMINENT DANGER 25 SHOT Silver Chrysanthemum Bouquet to: Red/Sky Blue/Yellow Dahlias, Deep Blue/Purple/Yellow Dahlia, Red/Green/Sky Blue Dahlia, Yellow/Green/Purple Dahlia, Color Crackling 4/1 Video
9179 LIBERTY BELL CONSPIRACY THEORY 23 SHOT Brocade with Blue Bouquet, Brocade with White Glitter 4/1 Video
22 9186 LIBERTY BELL SINISTER SKY 21 SHOT Sizzling Stars with Color Pistils & Glitter and Color Leaves with Silver Glitter 4/1 Video
23 9187 LIBERTY BELL ARMED MILITIA 21 SHOT Brocade with Red Stars and White Glitter, Brocade with Blue Stars and Gold Glitter, Silver Whistling Tail to Red Glitter and Silver Chrys., Silver Whistling Tail to Blue Stars and Silver Chrys., Red Wave with Sky Blue Stars and White Glitter, Chrysanthemum Willow with Red/Green/Blue Stars 4/1 Video
9189 LIBERTY BELL ALLURING EYES 20 SHOT Fanned Pink Mines to Pink and White Glitter, Sky Blue Mines to Sky Blue and White Glitter, Lemon Mines to Lemon and White Glitter, Red Mines to Red and White Glitter 4/1 Video
9197 LIBERTY BELL LAWLESS 9 SHOT Color Pearls & Glitter Mines to Color Stars with Silver, Green & Gold Glitter 8/1 Video
9208 LIBERTY BELL DON'T TREAD ON ME 10 SHOT Red Stars, White Stars & Blue Stars 4/1 Video
P1049 PALADIN HURRICANE TORNADO 49 SHOT 7 shots of sky blue pearls, red dahlia and white strobe with red tail; 14 shots of crackling willow and green tips with green tail; 21 shots of red pearls, gold strobe and white strobe with silver tail; 7 shots of crackling willow with crackling tail 8/1 Video
P1219T PALADIN MOON WAR 19 SHOT  10 shots of silver palm with silver tail; 9 shots of purple palm and green strobe with purple tail 8/1 Video
9 P1225 PALADIN ON THE COURT 25 SHOT 5 shots of red dahlia, yellow dahlia and sea blue strobe with red tail; 5 shots of green pearls and silver crackling with red tips and red tail; 5 shots of blue pearls and brocade crown with blue tail;5 shots of gold strobe and spring willow with yellow tail; 5 shots of silver crown and crackling with silver tail 4/1 Video
P1225B PALADIN PHANTOM GHOST 25 SHOT 5 shots of red stars with crackling and red tail; 5 shots of purple stars with crackling and purple tail; 5 shots of green stars with crackling and green tail; 5 shots yellow stars with crackling and yellow tail; 5 shots of blue stars with crackling and blue tail. 8/1 Video
P1225C PALADIN JET FIGHTER 25 SHOT 15 shots of silver crackling willow with silver tail; 10 shots of peach red with spring willow and red tail 8/1 Video
12   P1225D PALADIN VOLCANO MOUNT 25 SHOT 5 shots chrysanthemum to red; 5shots chrysanthemum to green; 5shots chrysanthemum to blue; 5shots red dahlia + white strobe; 5shots chrysanthemum to colorful + crackling 8/1 Video
13   P1225E PALADIN AIR FLYER 25 SHOT 20 shots red butterflies and green butterflies; 5 shots of red fish with green tail. 8/1 Video
14   P1236 PALADIN SQUADRON 88 36 SHOT Red tail red green wave; red tail chrysanthemum; silver tail with silver coconut; pick red with green coconut 8/1 Video
15   P1249S PALADIN THUNDERSTRIKE 49 SHOT 14 shots of red pearls, white strobe and gold strobe with red tail; 14 shots of green strobe and spider king with green tail; 14 shots of purple dahlia, green dahlia and snow flower willow with purple tail; 7 shots of orange dahlia and crackling willow with red tail 4/1 Video
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Kellner's Fireworks Inc., Pennsylvania's only fireworks wholesaler, is proud to announce that they have partnered with Carlos Quilichini Jr. of San Juan, Puerto Rico to now become Puerto Rico's only fireworks wholesaler.

Kellner's Fireworks Inc. of Wesley, Pa has been selling display fireworks, consumer fireworks and close proximity pyrotechnics since 1947. As of this summer 2011, along with the island of Puerto Rico, Kellner's will now offer direct weekly shipping to fireworks exhibitors and retailers in the following Caribbean locations directly from our San Juan distribution facility.

Antigua & Barbuda,
British Virgin Islands,
Cayman Islands,
Dominican Republic,
St. Barths,
St. Kitts & Nevis,
St. Lucia,
St. Maarten,
St. Vincent & The Grenadines,
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